We are starting this new week with some pretty good news for a lucky player who has just won over 15,000 euros at the JOA Casino in Luxeuil. This is an opportunity for us to remind you that luck can strike anytime and anywhere, and that it may however be wise to try it a little bit by going to a casino anyway. But you also have online casinos, even if today’s story touches a land-based casino …

Big win at the JOA Casino in Luxeuil

The start of the school year has been beneficial for many people in the gaming world, as you may have read in recent weeks on our blog. But the end of September was just as important for our French neighbors, such as those who play at the Casino JOA in Luxeuil, for example. Luxeuil-les-Bains, a French commune located in the Haute-Saône department in the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region, takes advantage of a very beautiful casino which has just handed a large check for € 15,009.09 to a customer who Still can’t get over it to this day.

This lucky winner simply blew up the jackpot on an “88 Fortune Reels” slot machine. But the best part about it is that she did it by betting only a euro cent. This is good news which therefore took place last Saturday, September 29, within the establishment which benefits for the blow of a rather good publicity. But if you think that is already good enough for her, wait until you learn the rest …

A second boost of luck

Indeed, this is a second reward for this player in the same casino who seems to appreciate her presence. The main concerned has already pocketed a nice sum less than a year ago. If lightning rarely strikes twice in the same place, it seems that luck has decided to play extra time by granting this new jackpot to this woman, allowing her to have the opportunity to pay for a car to her daughter. first time and now to see many new projects with this new jackpot. She explained in the media that she would like to realize a new project which is to buy a house, just to delight her family and simply pass a crucial stage in her life. Well,

But we must admit that the Luxeuil casino has been particularly noted since the beginning of this year in terms of significant gains. To give you a concrete example, it is interesting to note for example this story of Friday February 23, 2018, still within this establishment, of a resident of Haute-Saône who in turn won nearly € 12,000 on a slot machines in the casino park.

To come back to the last winner, it is therefore rather amusing and disconcerting at the same time to see that this one paid only one small euro cent to win this jackpot which remains for the occasion and to this day. one of the highest in the casino according to the establishment’s communications manager.

The JOA casino in Luxeuil

And since this does not necessarily happen to others and that you may soon have the opportunity to visit this warm and entertaining casino, we are going to tell you more about it, just to close this happy chapter.

It is indisputable to say that the Luxeuil casino thinks big and that it knows how to welcome its customers with presence and honor. It is indeed endowed with a privileged setting and a particularly warm decor, benefiting from a rather favorable geographical location. Indeed, the gaming establishment is located in the heart of the spa resort of Luxeuil-les-Bains and therefore offers many and various services such as a very large games room which offers several new features over the weeks. You should know that almost 50 jackpots have been identified in recent months in terms of jackpots won and that the JOA casino has modern equipment and many variations of games to the delight of customers.

These visitors have many electronic table games such as blackjack and English roulette, as well as traditional and essential table games such as Texas Hold’em Poker or even ultimate poker. Without forgetting its impressive fleet of more than 100 slot machines, which attracts the maximum number of players and which generates, as you have just seen with the last winner, substantial gains whether on the reel, video or video reel versions. .

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